Wednesday 3rd May 2023 – Club Night

The musicians practice was led by Helen Boreham and this month we welcomed visiting bagpiper and saxophonist Tim. This month’s club night concentrated on the 5 Time Waltz and the Schottische/Waltz.  We also practiced the An Dro and Hanter Dro (from last month). Dancing with the wonderful Pied à Terre musicians.

Wednesday 6th July 2022 – Dave Shepherd

We welcomed back Dave Shepherd, best known as the fiddler in the fantastic Blowzabella.  He led a music workshop, which featured some Avant Deux tunes and then taught the dances later in the evening. It was good to welcome back our first professional musician after such a long break.

Wednesday 6th April 2022 – Folk Salad

A good evening with local musicians – Folk Salad – beginning with a workshop for dance despite Covid causing cancellation of the musicians’ workshop. A fun and interesting evening of popular French bal dances accompanied by a rich and varied French/Scandinavian fiddle sound; plus a couple of different but simple dances to begin with in the workshop.