Pied à Terre?

Pied à Terre was formed in 1996 by a group of dancers and musicians who wanted to play, listen and dance to traditional French music in Norwich.

Since then, the group has held monthly sessions. The music includes tunes for couple dances such as schottisches, waltzes, polkas and mazurkas, bourrées (generally danced with a partner in a line) and circle dances such as the Circassian Circle and Chapeloise, the former is probably familiar to most English Ceilidh dancers.

Traditional French instruments include accordions, bagpipes and hurdy gurdies and these, as well as fiddles, recorders, clarinets, guitars and percussion instruments are all played at Pied à Terre.

We are keen to encourage other forms of European dance and currently include some Breton and Swedish styles in our repertoire.

For more information: info@piedaterre.me.uk To be added to our email list: rogergl@piedaterre.me.uk

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