Forthcoming Events

Wednesday 4th October 2023 - Club Night

This month is a club night. Club members will reprise the 3 time Waltz, Schottische and Lo Crusado, as well as free dance accompanied by the PàT band.

  • Musicians’ practice 7 to 8 (free)
  • Dancing with some tuition– 8.15 to 10:30
  • Tickets £5 cash only please.

This month the tunes the musicians will play will include:

For the workshop:

  • Lo Crosado (3 x bourrée)
  • Adieu ma Dedee (waltz)
  • Backstage (schottische)
  • Arthur (Em) and 10th May (waltzes)
  • Pousse Moi and Rue des Pres (schottisches)
  • Lindsay Barker and The Bay Tree (waltzes)
  • Jan Mijne man (Am then Bm) and Go Mauve (schottisches)
  • Valse Beaulieu and Flatworld (waltzes)
  • Man in a Brown Hat and Havero Schottische (schottisches)

For the Bal:

  • De Montford (2 x bourrée)
  • Bokker – Skotsk (polkas)
  • L’Inconnu de Limoise and Dual Carriageway (mazurkas)
  • Monfarine and Pauvre Madeleine (polkas)
  • Bourrée du Pere Carroue and Bourrée des Glands (3 x bourrées)
  • Blowzabella (social)
  • Special Reserve and Capitaine (mazurkas)
  • Westcott (2 x bourrée)
  • L’Etoile and Des Bords de l’Alier (3 x bourrées)

Wednesday 1st November 2023 - Kerry Fletcher

Photo by Bridget Reader

A warm ‘Welcome back’ to Kerry Fletcher who has brought her enthusiastic and engaging dance teaching to Pied à Terre many times over the years.  Kerry is a popular dance teacher at clubs and festivals and with community projects across the country.  She is one of the organisers of the Eurobash Festival of European music and dance.  Increasing accessibility and inclusion in dance is an important aspect of Kerry’s work.  Kerry is particularly keen to encourage those new to dance as she believes no one has two left feet, they just need to discover the music that moves them!


Kerry will be concentrating on teaching the circle bourrée La Grande Pastourelle . If there is time we might try the five-time and eight-time waltz

Wednesday 6th December 2023 - Pied a Terre Band and Guests

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