Media - Videos and Sound Files


May Bal - 2006. Our 10th Anniversary in miniature by Nick Warns.

St Chartier 2006

Experience The French traditional music and dance festival with Nick Warns’s short video.

Courbefy Musicians' Workshop - From our French trip


Sept Sauts

Danced in a circle, with the number of lifts (sauts) increasing by one each time, up to seven. From our French trip

Simple Mazurka - From a dance workshop at the University of East Anglia.

Some Breton and Swedish dances



Sarah and Derek make sure they’ve learnt the dance, which is from the Poitou region. From our French trip


Probably the most intricate dance that a few us are trying to master is the Fandango. This video clip is a small part of Kerry Fletcher showing us how.

Musicians' Workshop - One of our musicians' practice sessions.