Pied à Terre

European Music & Dance - Norwich

First Wednesday every month

At The Canary Social Club - Norwich


Every month on the first Wednesday (but please check our events), there’s either dance tuition and practice to live music, or a band.


If you play an instrument and are interested in joining our Pied à Terre musicians, come along and have a go.

About us

Pied à Terre is a Norwich based club. We organise monthly tuition and practice for dancers and musicians who want to explore the traditional dances of Europe and the Nordic countries.


Every few months or so we also host bands who play for dances – many of the ensembles come from the continent or are nationally recognised on the dance circuit. You’re bound to see and hear some of the best proponents of this musical style.


The music includes tunes for couple dances such as schottisches, waltzes and mazurkas, bourrées (generally danced with a partner in a line) and circle dances such as the Circassian Circle and Chapeloise, the former is probably familiar to Ceilidh dancers.

More Information?

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