Wednesday 2nd January 2020 – Trois Pas d’Ici

We were pleased to welcome Trois Pas d’Ici a great new trio of three young women from France for their first gig in England. They play wonderful traditional music from Poitou in the south, as well as the Auvergne and Sweden. With two driving fiddles and diatonic accordion, they produce some great music for dances including the Avant DeuxMaraichineBal Limousine and Congo. But they also play standard balfolk dances: bourées, mazurka, schottische, valse, etc. and some lesser known ones such as Rond d’Argentons or bourée 3 temps from the Morvan region. And to top it all they also sing in harmony for dancing – a beautiful experience.   As they say “hear our strings (vocal and steel), bellows, keys and bow.” with Nina Lachia and Marie Peyrat both on violin and Lucile Marsac on diatonic accordion, as well as voices and bellows.