Wednesday 11th January 2023 – Cédric and Emily

We have welcomed Cédric Martin to play for us since he started touring in the UK. He plays button accordion and has led tours with Expire, Big Jeans and Salmanazar for the last 10 or so years. He trained in classical piano and percussion in Strasbourg but has played traditional percussion instruments from much of Europe and the Middle East. He is one of the best young traditional musicians in France, having played for major festivals and won the prestigious 2010 Best Duo Competition at the Chateau d’Ars Festival. 

Emily Bowden (fiddle) is a musician, composer and teacher from London. Classically trained, she fell in love with folk music and improvisation in her early twenties and honed her skills as a dance-musician playing at clandestine mazurkas and European folk festivals. She began composing Balfolk music in 2016, drawing inspiration from the freedom and exhilaration of dance and the special interplay between musician and dancer. Since then she has been touring the folk scene in UK and Europe with her band Emily & The Simons. Her style is highly expressive, full of passion, tenderness and playfulness