Wednesday 2nd October 2013 – Bof!

A great evening with our friends Bof!. They treated us to a few new dances and tunes as well as beautifully played old favourites.

Val’s unusual bass recorder sparked some interest.

All four members of Bof! have a long history of involvement in English folk song and dance music. As well as this, they all share a love of the traditional dance music from central France and from Brittany. After an annual meeting at a festival in France in 2000, they decided to form an occasional band to play together for fun and to provide dance music for the groups of people who had taken up the love of Bal Folk in different parts of England. Almost everything they play is for dancing and is delivered in the ‘Trad’ style, with skill and passion. They play for festivals, dances, bals folk, concerts, twinnings and other occasions, on a range of authentic traditional instruments. To date, Bof! have made three CDs: Reve a Verteillac, La Vache qui danse and Le Gai Matelot.