Saturday 22nd June 2019 – Special Event with David Shepherd & Anna Pack, supported by Zebrafish

Dave Shepherd & Anna Pack

Dave is well known as the fiddle player in Blowzabella has a vast repertoire of dances and fiddle music from England and western Europe. Anna is a dancer and musician with a longstanding interest in French traditional dance and has performed with Karen Tweed and others in The Chase and Circa Compania, both as a dancer and player of the diatonic accordion.  Dave and Anna’s music and dance repertoire are drawn from various European dance traditions. They place great emphasis on passing on the traditional forms of dance and music but are also sensitive to innovation within the genre to adapt to changing social circumstances of the 21st Century. To this end, Dave and Anna not only play for dances and bals, but have also created the TradDance Project, presenting dance and music workshops to promote a wider interest in the dances and music along with the related cultural and historical background. 


Although each individual member of Zebrafish is a familiar face at Pied à Terre, they join us as a group for the first time on 22 June, to share/lead a mixture of song and dance. They will be bringing a new traditional song for dancing to the Pied à Terre repertoire as well as some sixteenth century French dances. Christine Adams (fiddle, accordion, nyckelharpa), Fran Broady (fiddles, voice), Louisa Young (recorders, clarinet, voice) and Biggles (Chris Pugh) will be teaching/leading the dances.