Wednesday 3rd May 2017 – Swedish Dance

Barbara Kelly is a talented dance leader with an infectious love of dancing which she brings to an engaging programme of Scandinavian country dances including mazurka, minuet, long dance, Engelska, gammel reinlander and pariserpolska.

Bowjolie are Chris Dyer and Christine Adams playing arrangements of tunes on nyckelharpas fiddles and accordion.  Chris will teach a ‘dance kit of tunes’ that will include polskas, slängpolskas, Engelskas, schottis and waltzes at our musicians workshops. Chris is a regular performer at dance clubs and dance festivals in the UK. She regularly tops up her musical accent with trips to the Swedish summer festivals where she plays with the Boda and Aspeboda spelmanslags. Multi-instrumentalist Christine Adams is an experienced teacher and performer. As well as playing for dancing with Bowjolie, she is one half of the Kent based vocal duo Fiddle and Faff. The musicians’ workshop will be led by Chris and give a “dance kit of tunes” with the emphasis on giving tunes the “Swedish accent”. Music for tunes will be available via the musicians email list. This will be followed by dance tuition by Barbara who will teach Swedish versions of some already familiar dances as well other dances and helping us with polska style and technique